Jun 13, 2010


She waited for him for a long timealong the sea shore where they were supposed to meet that evening but couldnot find any signal of him coming to her.

In the cool breeze, she felt warmth over her cheeks and soon realized that she was crying. She trusted him to the fullest that she even left her parents to live her rest of life him. He was even serious about her, but at the end of the day, she is left alone.

She wanted to go back home but she has no strength to face her father. She took the boaton the shore and left to a place unkown to her andunknown to anyone back home. She tried to forget everything about her past and wished to start a new life. She hated him to hell and never loved anyone again. She remained single for the rest of her life.

But who will tell her that he, on his way to her that evening, had met with an accident and was admitted in the hospital by the villagers. Who will tell her that he has lost his both the legs and has got a paralysed right arm since then. Who will tell her that he loves her even today and is still waiting for her to come back.

To her, its the HATRED towards love thats making her live. To him, its the TRUST in his love thats making him live.

Will they ever meet and love together happily for ever?? Time shall decide..!!!

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!


Being Pramoda... said...

They will live happily ever after..:)... But who will tell her will be a real big question. she should have thought abt all the possibilities and must have taken the decision.. any wayss.. hope fr the best..

Nice post dear...:)

Maryum said...

True it is... misunderstandings create the worst of gaps.

Amity said...

this is hard...coz no one will tell her and him too...

sad tale Yamini...

hey glad ur back to TT...:)

Creativity!! said...

Touching Story. Such Unpredicted Incidents Creates A Huge Barrier Between Two Hearts!!