Nov 18, 2010

Smiles heard
Joy felt
Grin special
She enjoyed life

Pink cheeks
Soft as rose petals
Tiny fingers
Beautiful as buds

All her world
Sweet and special
Little dreams
Of little girl

All shattered
Ripped off
Her world
That monster

Hollering with pain
She cries out loud
Knows not what befell
But is suffering

Body hurts
Yearns solace
Limbs ache
Longs affection

Unable to move
She sits in dark
Fearing him
Again to come

Loosing strength
Crying with pain
She lost breath
We lost her

The monster alive
The tiny angel dead
We are watching
Shall we not act?


Leo said...

sad thing, nicely worded.. its Yami-ish.. but can be better! :) its a start to a long return that will get better with each post :D can't get better by not writing.. ;)

Yamini Meduri said...


its been a long time to hear from you saying something is Yami-ish :)

thank you dear :)