Nov 18, 2010


Blooming little bud
Dancing in the dawn
Fascinating my senses
Whose lovely dream are you

Tiny dew drop
Shining over grass blades
Beatifying my heart
Whose little friend are you

Flying beautiful bird
Chirping soft melodies
Thrilling my life
Whose special wish are you

Refreshing cool breeze
Caressing my senses
Tingling my life
Whose soothing touch are you

Beauty of the bud
Melody of the bird
Solace of the breeze
Will you be mine?
Atleast for the life of the dew drop


Leo said...

the thought is very romantic, Yamini... :) good wordplay

i know the reason you're in a rush, but keep Yamini in heart, and write.. like i said in a previous comment, its getting better :)

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you so much dear :)