Nov 23, 2010

MY Home Hyderabad Take #3

Hello Dreamers
How are you all doing?? Am doing just fine.

Its true that when you are away from home, you realize it’s the best place to be. Same with me as I know miss Hyderabad so much. After reading Sawan’s post some days before about the City of Pearls, I remembered that I have started writing about my home in the land of dreams. So here I am again, back writing about my home, Hyderabad.

After 2 months of my stay in Hyderabad, I realized that it so special to be there. Not that the city has developed so much and you have everything around, but the people there are so special that you fall in love with my city which I have since last 20 years.

Hyderabadis are happy people I have found so far. They find happiness in everything like a morning walk at the Necklace Road, shopping in Sultan Bazaar, yummy biryani, spicy kebabs and what not. One an average day, you can find them rushing to work in the morning but the evenings are definitely special with a cup of irani chai and bhajiya. Wow its awesome.

The only thing to complain in my city is the traffic but we are getting used to it. Even after driving for above two hours, we take the pleasure of the busy Hyderabad which is all awake till midnight.

One thing I can assure you, when you come to my city, you will never be lost. You get down the train or the bus, you find a friendly auto driver, waiting for you at the entrance taking you to the place you want to go and all the way describing you the city in the sweetest language on Earth…The Hyderabadi Hindi…if you think its just the hindi…then you are wrong…to know more about it visit my city…the city of pearls…!!!

Through this post, I salute the autowallahs of Hyderabad who make our days more special…!!!


Creativity!! said...

Dear, with your description you took me to Hyderabad. Already my heart is arrested in Hyderabad. my uncle & aunt have settled there. had come very long tym. nearly 18yrs back I think so. planning to visit & stay for few days with my uncle & aunt in Feb 2011:) :)

KParthasarathi said...

Having courteous and honest autowallahs is a blessing. Hyderabadis seem fortunate.

Leo said...

its nice to know more abt Hyderabad, Yami.. will come there sometime.

questnaveen dial said...

it is a genuine post and having very good description....
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