Nov 7, 2010


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Colors wrapped with love
crafted with care
magically sprinkled all over

the green valleys
snow cap mountains

a place of life
comforted with smiles
but pain seen all over

the tall buildings
tiny little huts

a land of culture
followed with respect
still alive even after ages

customs change
for every step you take

a country learning to walk
with technology and time
competing with world

Knowledge is divine
we believe with respect

amidst fear we live
with countries of terror
love we give across boundaries

we greet them with love
but least got in return

Brothers of my nation
salute with pride
our mother of religions

we live in harmony
while some try tearing us

Know the beauty
of love, of life
visit my country

a place full of love
always available for you

Celebrating life
in every aspect
we are happy

we are Indians
India is our motherland

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Jaspreet said...

After reading this, I am feeling more proud to be an Indian.Thanks for sharing this brilliant post M :) All the best!

Anonymous said...

Filled me with patriotism completely !! You have aptly described the various shades of India , poetically beautiful ! Wonderful ! All the best for BAT :)

Amity said...

I like your pride of your beloved country, like i do mine with my country!

A very beautifully penned post celebrating the glory and culture of I wish to come there!

All the best yamini!

Saro said...

very nice, celebrating being an indian!

Shruti said...

proud 2 b Indian!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

'a place of life
comforted with smiles
ut pain seen all over'

Such beautiful words.

Loved your poem.
Good luck with the contest!!
and Happy Diwali !!

Leo said...

eloquent thought, to celebrate a country.. proud to be an Indian too..

Creativity!! said...

Woww!!!!!!! Beautiful :) :) Proud to Be An Indian :) :)

astrosunilnomy said...

So Simple yet so powerful, impactful, my grandpa was a freedom fighter, your patriotic post reminded me of him after many many days ! happy deepavali

KParthasarathi said...

I liked it.Best wishes

Lost in thoughts said...

Wonderful...Patriotic too. Your play well with the words!

Lost in thoughts - Celebrations

m7 said...

wow man..u got an altgether different sub-theme in the main theme of celebration..i guess that's called creativity! this is cool :)
(gosh! y din i read this earleir??i already put in my vote :( ..)

nsecashish said...

proud to be da best :)

Srikanth said...

Now, I understand why you had goosebumps reading my post. We both had similar ideas.. You wrote a beautiful poem which summarized our country pre and post independence while I wrote a long story which just captured the freedom struggle

All the best

Cherry Blossom said...

There is no country more diverse than ours, yet so unified, so friendly and so welcoming. No matter where you are, be it any part of the world, west or east, you are first and last, an Indian. A beautiful expression of patriotic fervour, and a strong dedication to celebrating our identity. Beautifully penned. All the best.

Vikas Khair said...

Hey M to tell you the truth I can't go through English Poems but for some reasons I couldn't stop going to the end. Wonderful Patriotic post Loved it..

All the best for BAT-16

Vikas Khair - Celebrations

magiceye said...


best wishes

Anonymous said...

Indian history and heritage at a glance. very nice!

That's me said...

India is the greatest celebration in itself- celebration of diversity,harmony , seasons, food and colour. Good post reminding us about our country's glory!

Anonymous said...

sprinkling patriotic feeling through poem....awesome.

Viyoma said...

Hey beautiful!!!

You post makes me hum the song from FANAA ( Des Rangela Rangela, Des Mera Rangela)

swayambhu said...

you know what struck me 1st abt ur post? the pics have blended in so nicely with the overall look n feel of ur blog! gud work! ATB fr BAT

Aashish Sood said...

seriously yaar.. your overall blog theme, images in the post and content of the post blend so very well... very well written!

Someone Is Special said...

Proud to be an Indian... Wonderful work here.. Good luck for BAT and do stop by, Someone Is Special - Celebrations

--Someone Is Special--

MAVERICK said...

Finally a poem and what a message, indeed India is the among the very few nations which celebrates its unity in the diversity it possess.
A great take on the subject. I liked it a lot.
All the best

Brijender Singh said...

A very well composed and delicately knitted message-simple, eclectic, inspiring and hopeful.
And a most welcome change from the usual inclination towards Diwali alone!

RaNiiiiii said...

wow nice poem.. its a different take on this subject but its impressive!

adarshs said...

a superlike here....a beautiful msg put down in an even more beautiful way...

Kshitij said...

Very simple and pretty :)