Nov 18, 2010


Sharing your thoughts
Not when you told them
But when you just thought

Comforting your heart
Not when you drop a tear
But when you are about to

Talking your mind
Not when you shared
But when you intended to

Smiling with you
Not when you grimaced
But when you showed up

Holding your hand
Not when you were falling
But when you are just walking

Being with you
Not when you need
But when you are alive

Is a friend
For life

P.S.: its your picture with your friends that suits the best imagine the same..!!! I dedicate this post to my Octaves :)


Leo said...

i thought the first three verses made sense.. then it sort of dropped off..

a friend for life smiles for/with you when u grimace, holds ur hand esp. when u feel like u r falling, and is there when u need them too. I couldn't understand why that last verse said, "Being with you, not when you need, but when you are alive"... I think I follow your sentiment, but maybe the way you've worded needs adjustment :)

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you dear ...!!

I have had a different thought but still accept wat u said :)

Dhanunjaya Reddy said...

I am feeling jealous about your Octaves. :( :( :(