Nov 23, 2010


Hello Dreamers :)

As you all very well know.. I have a great time writing..but now its time for some sketching :)..!! I am also good at pencil sketches...which I have started almost along with writing...!!!

"As young is my is my pencil"
So here goes some of my sketches...hope you will like them too as you do my writing :)

At any point of time, I love drawing Radha Krishna. Their eternal love is what inspires me..!!!

This is the sketch that made me think about sketching....this is my second sketch i think...!!!

Beauty of love...!!!

Above all its the Mother's love thats the best in the world..!!!!

Hey please drop a comment...wanna know how i sketch :)..though they are bad..let me know....I shall improve :)

P.S. I dont do imaginery sketches...i can just draw something by seeing it...if any of the above sketches are your original work, then please let me know...I am sorry for copying them..!!!

1 comment:

Dhanunjaya Reddy said...

Yamini Meduru is poet. But also a painter. Sketches are very good. Keep it up dear.