Nov 18, 2010

MS. Meduri to Yamini Meduri again..!!!

Hello dear Dreamers

A sweety sweety hello to all my lovely lovely readers enjoying over this Land of Dreams :)

Am back...not as Ms. Meduri....As Yamini Meduri (the creator of this beautiful land). It has been 8 months as Ms. Meduri and something was missing all these days.!!!

Thanks to Leo who helped my find what it pen itself...!!!!

I was a happy writer as Yamini Meduri than as here I am back to the beginning as Yamini Meduri..!!!


Leo said...

oh good.. Yamini rocks! :D

btw, ur sign isn't looking right. make a transparent background wala.. not a white bg one :)

Yamini Meduri said...


thank you help me the most everytime i am in trouble...specially with my pen..!!!