Nov 18, 2010


A little pond
Lotuses gracing it
Blue waters
Appear so pure

Little birds
Happily flying over
Sweet melody
Majestic to heart

Pleasant blossoms
Smiling all around
Special fragrance
Spellbind my senses

Amidst beauty
I see him
Playing flute
Charming than any

Felicitous me
Admire his presence
Rhythmically I move
To meet him

The birds sing aloud
Cherishing our love
Light now bright
Relishing our meeting

The first touch
That first sight of him
I waited for ages
Now its time to savor

I neared to touch
But something disturbed
Now I know what it is
Always my mom

Birds song was the alarm
Bright light was the day
It was a dream
He is my dreamboy

P.S: No perfect picture found on the web to match my dream...!!!


Dhanunjaya Reddy said...

Wah Wah..!! I felt you are in love. You cheated yaar.. :(

Leo said...

why "old" dream? is he not your dream boy anymore? :P u replaced him with someone more modern?

Yamini Meduri said...


i am always in love..with my dream boy..i thought u knew that :)

Yamini Meduri said...


its the old dream but special and priceless as an antique :) which i see it today and still feel da same as the first time :)

KParthasarathi said...

Beautiful lines Yamini.I couldn't stop till I reached the anticlimax.Lols