Oct 12, 2010

My Home Hyderabad #Take 2

So finally I decided on what to start with to let you know about my city. The “Purana Pool” (Meaning: Old river)

Purana Pool is constructed some 450 years ago(around 1578) over the Musi river that flows across Hyderabad. Though it is now polluted very badly, it was the source of water in those days. It was the river of floods during heavy rains.

The history of Hyderabad says that the Nizams started the construction of the city from the Purana Pool. Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah, the Nizam King started the construction of the city for his love. The Prince Quli Qutub Shah loved a Hindu girl Bhagyamati who lived on the other side of the Musi river. Once due to heavy rains, the Musi flooded and drowned places near it. The bad rains frightened the prince and wanted to meet his love on the other side of Musi, but he couldn’t. So, later after the floods stopped, he took up the construction of Purana Pool over the river for better commution.

The new city then built was named Bhagyanagaram (as the girl was Bhagyamati) and after the prince married her, she was given the title Hyder and hence the new name Hyderabad (which means “Long live Hyder”).

So this is the start of my city based on love. Today, Purana Pool is the major road used for commution across the river even after 450 years. We are the Hyderabadis, the children of the great lovers. We are the fruits of the love planted some 450 years ago. We may have brought the whole world here, but we still admire our history and value the love which is the foundation of our city and yeah, Hyderabad is the place where Hindus and Muslims have been living together with love since ages.

Love is synonymous to Hyderabadis but yeah, exceptions are always there. But once you are in Hyderabad, you can find our love to the culture, love to the people, and love to our city all around.

So when you are in Hyderabad don’t forget to see the Purana Pool, they symbol of love of our Nizam king Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah and Bhagyamati Alias Hyder.
That’s all for today and see you soon the next time.

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