Oct 24, 2010


The day I respired
She fete her existence

Enjoyed her warmth
I did celebrate too

From a little seed

To a grape size I grew

She felt my heart beat
Fondled my presence

From a sweet grape

To a plum size I grew
My eyes are formed
I move, but she didn’t feel it

I am sculpted carefully
With her love, her blood
She caressed each moment

Enjoying me within her

I cuddle to comfort myself

She cries in happiness

Feels my moment

I celebrate my mother

I am pink soft and light
I hear her voice now

She talked to me every day

Her voice is music

Its time to meet her

I fancy her image
The most beautiful

My mother, I am curious to see

I get ready to be born

Into the real world
I try to get out

She cried in pain

With pain I came out
To open eyes I am curious
But the light is bright

I cant see her well

Now I see her everyday
Celebrating me, my birth
She is special as I opined
Even today after 23 years

Written for Sunday Scribblings...!!!


CHANDU said...

yam would you mind me remaning in silence?Some huge experiences can't be expressed in 26 alphabets.....amazing....wauh ...wauh...!!!

Gauri Mathur said...

Beautiful!! :)

LeiffyV said...

Amazing work, this has captured life so well. Thank you for sharing!

Ms.Meduri said...


thanks ra...i understand ur silence...after all we are best friends dude..!!!

Ms.Meduri said...


thanks babes..!!!

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..thanks for inspiring through SS..!!!

welcome to my Land of Dreams..!!

KParthasarathi said...

She is special for you for ever

Anonymous said...

Beautiful take on the prompt!

udaya said...

Its really awesome...u've done a great job..!!!!!!!Hope even though those words aren't enough to describe the god....

Leo said...

what a nice poem on growing up.. and I mean it literally.. you worded every phase here! :)

I'll echo Chandu's comment.. some poems can't be praised with words from dictionary..

my college life said...

That was an awesome poem ra...

Sneha said...


Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear...she is defly special forever to me..!!!

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear ....welcome to my land of dreams..!!!

Ms.Meduri said...


rightly said..no words are enough to describe her..thank you dear..!!!

welcome to my land of dreams..!!

Ms.Meduri said...


thanks a ton yaar...your words mean a lot to me..!!!

Ms.Meduri said...

@My college life

thanks chaitu..!!!

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

sukku said...

its jus awesome nd speechless