Oct 25, 2010

How To Describe A Friend?

How to describe friendship
That is two years "young"?
It's still growing I believe,
Like a syphony half sung.

How to describe a friend?
Who is like my twin soul,
She knows when I'm sad,
To do a cheerleader role.

How to describe a friend?
Who never does change,
She is always so simple,
Yet it doesn't feel strange.

How to describe a friend?
Whose thanks you refuse,
Agreed, she does same,
But thats friendship hues.

How to describe a friend?
Like a honeycomb, sweet,
Who is a passionate poet,
I just cannot wait to meet.

How to describe a friend?
Unseen yet right beside,
Always willing to share,
That nice smile so wide.

Someone once told her,
Words are too less now,
Praise for her is too little,
New words needed & how!

So I'll leave it at that then,
You're a true delight, dear,
Pleasure to be your friend,
To always have you near.


yamini meduri said...

firstly thanks for such a wonderful post to Leo..!!!

vinay..happy anniversary dear:)...may our friendship be eternal and alive for ages to come..!!!

Three cheers to our friendship..!!!

KParthasarathi said...

Very sweet verse

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Lines :) :)