Oct 14, 2010


There is happiness in life
But have no time to enjoy it
There are problems we face
But have no one to share

We smile, but hardly laugh
We talk but hardly share
We say, but hardly express
We live away from life

We know each other around
But rarely wave a hello
We just look down
While walking around

We have no one to talk to
Everyone is busy with work
We have no time to talk to
As we are busy with work too

We are the employees
Working busy for our future
But our present is lost
Amidst the numbers of the world


Dhanunjaya Reddy said...

So, now you are coming to the world of work, employment. Welcome to the great world 'where dreams come true'.

Yes. You are right. We are missing the communication. We are missing the relations and we are missing all, as you said. Though it happens, I am enjoying the work. I am creating something best for this world. I am learning new things daily.

Hope we all do best at work without missing any communication and joy.

Be in touch.

Srinidhi said...

Nice poem Yamini.For us its just the beginning of the corporate life but your poem has brought in a lot of simple yet important issues that most of the working class seems to have forgotten.