Oct 15, 2010

MY Daughter..!!!

I was walking in the park and met Aman, my college friend. I met him long time back and was very happy to see him there that day. I walked towards him wearing the biggest smile ever.

"Hey Aman, hows you man? remember me?? Its Abhi" I greeted with lots of love.

"Hello Abhi" He replied. There was no smile. The Aman I knew was lost. He was sad, diappointed and in full of grief.

" Hey what happened? Anything wrong? why are you like that?" I asked him and he looked at me with tears rolling down.

Aman I knew was a gem of a person. He knew only to love and everyone loved him too. He worled hard during college and was the topper of our batch. Aman loved a Aayushi and later married her. As far as I knew Aman is special friend to everyone he met in life.

"Abhi, I am in no mood to talk. Let's meet someother day" he said.

Understanding the situation, we exchanged her numbers and I left him there alone.

The next day, I saw him there again in the same mood and same silence. That day, I dint want to leave him there and so went to him and asked him what was wrong.

"Abhi, I know this would come to you as a shock but it the truth" He started to talk after a long time when I forced him to do so.

"As you know Abhi, I am married to Aayushi, the love of my life. We lived together happily and when my little Angel, Akshara came into our life, we were complete. God gave us everything and we were a happy little family closely knit together."

"Akshara was very close to her mom as I was busy with work and had to travel most of the time. Ayushi and Akshara were best friends. They loved each other so much that sometimes I felt jealous of their love and affection"

"But Abhi everything changed when Aayushi left us all alone" Aman broke down. I had never seen him crying and I suddenly realized that my cheeks were wet too.

"Aman what happened to Aayushi?" I asked to know exactly what happened.
"She died of Cancer" He had no words nor did I.

After a long silence "How is Akshara? Who is taking care of her now?" I asked.

"Akshara left me after her mother left us. Akshara got disturbed mentally and one night, she left home searching her mom. She is just 15 and I dont know where she is now. I searched all around but could find her no where" Aman broke again and I could not see him like that.

We spoke to each other for along time about Aayushi's death and Akshara too.

After this incident, we met almost every day and spoke for long hours.

"Abhi I feel better talking to you. I now feel I have someone in this world who shall take care of Akshara when she is back home, in case I am dead too" Aman said which left me in tears.


"Hey Aman. how are you today?" we met in a roadside restaurant where we planned to meet today.
"I am the same old Aman whom you met some days ago in the park. but the only change is that you are with me now" he smiled.

We had a good dinner and thought to walk back home as it was not very far ago from that place. By the way, Aman lives with our family in our home now.

While walking we have been talking about Akshara, he innocence, her childhood, her everything.

While passing over the footbridge, Aman suddenly stopped seeing a girl near the fence and ran to look who she was. He was shouting seeing her.

I thought he was mentally very disturbed having not seen Akshara for a long time. I walked to him and pulled his arm to go back home but he was resisting to come back. I pulled him harder when i heard him murmuring.

"what did you say??" I asked

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!
Thanks for the pic...Credit to vivendo meu suicídio interno...!!!


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cool story.

Jingle said...

Welcome to our potluck party by linking in a poem, old one works well. Thanks!