Oct 19, 2010


She cries of pain
rips her body
no one can know
how it feels to her

She pushes out
the little life in her
to show the light
of this vast world

She bears all pain

gives life to a new soul
gives birth to the world
she cries out all way

She cries in joy
holding the new baby
tears of love flow down
happiness of life she enjoys

She cries with pride
holding her gift for life
wrapping it in her arms
the best moment of her life

She is the real champion
who fights with her life
to give birth to a new life
She is a mother...mother of world..!!!

This is my take for the prompt Champion on One Single impression and is dedicated to all the mothers around the world...and specially to the mothers on OSI..!!!

Written for One Single Impression..!!!


prajyot said...

Nice Poem...indeed this blog is very sweet for cutest poems to find. :-) keep up the good job

Nanka said...

A great take on the prompt.

True "the best moment of her life"
and if it is a girl child her fight begins.

Moms are the real champions.