Oct 30, 2010


A spark born
out of love, care
heart full of love
its now a star

the star of friendship
bright as the sun
soft as the moon
patient as Earth

on this day of his birth
a small wish with love
from this Land of Dreams
hope it reaches him with smiles

Happy Birthday dear friend
may our bond never end
a whole life together we spend
with smiles ahead we tend

High on love
Everlasting care
Mighty smile
Any time alive
No sorrows
To him I wish
Happy Birthday

5 Pointer about Hemanth...!!
  1. He cares for everyone he meets to the best. One should learn how care for people from him.
  2. He is always there to share anything and everything from a friend.
  3. Loves to be with his family and admires the beauty of his city...except the heat...!!!
  4. Lucky is really lucky to have hemanth in her life...and same is Hemanth...she is so special to him
  5. He is one of my best friends..!!!
Happy Birthday to my sweetest sweetest friend...Hemanth Potluri ..!!!
May all his dreams come true and may all the happiness in the world be with him forever and ever..!!!

Send him a wish on this special day of my special friend..HERE...!!


Hemanth Potluri said...

awww....can it be more special then this post ...so just loved it to the core of my heart..

the poem was just so wonderful each word spreading the friendship :)..and the words from land of dreams have sure reached me :)...

the acro is very special in its own way :)..

coming to the very special 5 pointer :)..

every time i used to give a 5 pointer to all my friends ..this time its special since i received it from a special friend :).guess we will remain best friends forever :)...yeah family makes me happy always :)...yes. i am lucky to be with lucky :)...now i am not teaching anything about care :)..:D...

thank u so much for this wonderful lovely post...u made me all smiley now :)....loads of love <3 to u ...


prajyot said...

U deserve it dude...after all ur our special blogger friend...he he

Ms.Meduri said...


hapy birthday once again..!!!

glad you liked it.!!!

Ms.Meduri said...


yeah right said..he is special.!!!

Neeha said...

Kya se kya relate kardiya..
Nic post n great creativity..