Sep 29, 2010


Hey visitors…how are you all doing?? Today I wanted to write something different in my blog..not the regular poems, nor the short stories..nor the regular stuff…but I am here in my land of dreams to list out my dreams as a young girl…so read them…hope you will enjoy them too…and yeah these are my real dreams ..for which I am working hard day in and day out…!!!

1. “I am his daughter today” but my dream is the day when he says “I am her father”.

2. To earn and give my mom so much money that she should never again say “This is the last note I have”

3. To take my sister all around Hyderabad and buy her whatever she wants. To take her to the finest restaurant and buy her the best meal ever. To buy her everything she wants.

4. To buy my Dad the best Diamond Ring (since my childhood he dreams to have one).

5. To give my mom everything she dreams of( the other day she asked me to get nice kebabs but I couldn’t as I had not enough cash)

6. To live in my home that’s small sweet and beautiful.

7. To live with Octaves forever, I mean we should live very nearby so that we are there for each other often

8. To make my NGO one of the best in the country, not because it will make us famous. It is possible only when we help the maximum in need.

9. To see a country where no citizen sleeps with hunger.

10. Talk about dreams and how can I forget my Dream Boy?? My dream for him is I should share his responsibilities and he should share mine.

11. Other silly (may be for you) dreams are to have Icecream while dancing in the snow, salsa with my dream boy, etc

12. Apart from all these I also dream to be an good Entrepreneur

That's are dreams?? nice na...i know...coz they are MY dreams...and hello hello dont just leave now....its time to go to the comments page and wish me All the Best...arey without your best wishes how can I achieve them???

Next dream very soon...till then happy dreaming..!!!


Dhanunjaya Reddy said...

Chinni chinni asha. Chinnadaani asha.

All the best Yamini.

Leo said...

wow. lots of dreams, u r definitely gonna get them all, Yami.

Creativity!! said...

hmm.....Wish You All The Very Best Success :) :) Beautiful Dreams Dear :) :) Truly All Your Dreams Will Come True :) :)

Srinidhi said...

Wish u loadz of luck for making your dreams a reality.

Anonymous said...

Wish you all the best dear ...I hope you achieve all your dreams :) and I was happy to read your post , because this was one of the most casual and direct post I have read of yours :) Wish you loadsa luck Dreamy girl ! :)

Devil Incarnate... said...

wish u al the best gal.. that ur dreams be true.. very honest n straight post..

Royal said...
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