Oct 24, 2010


From letters
egress pretty words
docile and smooth
playful as I wish

From words
go forth poesy
pearly and neat
emblazoned as I wish

From poesy
come out poetry
sweet and special
illuminated as I wish

From poetry
emerge a poet
strong yet ardent
person as I wish

From poet
I am born again
to live life
with tinges of joy

Written for Writer's Island : Prompt EMERGE...!!!


KParthasarathi said...

From magical words of your emerge such sweet verse.
It is brilliant.

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!!

Everyday Goddess said...

this is great! i really like the evolution you describe. keep on blogging!

you can visit my Island if you like:


Anonymous said...

Only tinges of joy? (tongue squarely in cheek) As a poet do I ever get it... Nice write. Love and Light, Sender