Apr 21, 2009


Bells of the season
chime with a reason
a reason to sing songs
telling us what my child heart longs

You were there in our Childhood
you were there in our Adulthood
in our chocolates and creams
and in our hidden dreams

you are the first friends i had
you are still the best friends i have
may our love multiply every year
with joy in life, lets be together

i love you for the love you share
for the care you take
the way I am today
is all because of you, simply to say

MOM & DAD...I LOVE YOU...!!!

hello friends....i am going to Pune today..so will not be here till friday...so have a great time..!!
i am scheduling the post and hope all you wonderful people here are gonna enjoy my work...!!!

Have a happy Time Friends..!!!


Anonymous said...

oh grt u comin to pune :)

all the best for yeppie journey.//

Anonymous said...

oh grt u comin to pune :)

all the best for yeppie journey.//

Hemanth Potluri said...

good one for ur parents :)...feel of love...happy journey..all the best :)..


Chriz said...

parents are the best

Phoenix said...

omg!! u r leaving for pune... shit i needed to talk to you yams... :")

anyway well written... :) and simply loved the first two lines..

Swetha Padakandla said...

nicely written!

happy journey!
njoy ur time out thr.. :)


Priya Joyce said...

mis ya till then gal :(

Harshita said...

As always we loved your work and do come back soon :) Miss ya.

Mayz said...

oh how how how??? i mean seriously how?????????????????? m runnin outta words...one of ur best till date...maybe m biased coz it was for parents :)

n have a safe trip :)

sukku said...

hmm ... yaa yam they r our first frnds.....

whtever we r today is cozz of jus them onlyy

btw njoyy ur trip dearrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

all the best! :)

good dedication to ur first friends! :)