Apr 25, 2009


i was sad with my life
tears were all around
exams i left as i could not write
the smiles, i lost in the past
i was silent, speaking to my heart
knew never the reason for that
i cried, cried and cried
and finally, i broke into pieces

there were hands on the ground
picking the pieces, bringing them together
trying hard in making the normal me
amidst all the tears, i felt their love
amidst all the sorrow, i felt their warmth
they strived to bring me the smiles
finally they could, its their achievement

they are the best friends i have
they are the best gang to be with
they are my gang of octaves....!!!

hello friends...this post is again dedicated to Octaves...this poem is the situation i faced some time back and that was the worst part of my life....but then, i had my best friends with me who brought me the smiles that i left then....really yaar...Octaves are the best gang to be with....each of them are so special....i am gonna miss them the rest of my life..!!!


Anonymous said...

you wont miss them da...
how can u miss someone who is always in ur heart? :)

its not possible! :)

Anonymous said...

we have to face these difficult days of our lives yam....

we cant avoid that....

miss u alll.......

Hemanth Potluri said...

missing gains new energy into life :)..and u will never forget them :).


Phoenix said...

cheers to octaves!!

Jeevan said...

Sometimes the distance makes people very closer, u too may realize that and its not too easy to be away from dear ones.
u r heart speaks here :)

Chriz said...

and u missing coll big time?