Apr 30, 2009


Mind you all..its a very long post..!!! But do read..its a bit important and special for me... i dont say you will enjoy it...but for sure you will all have your friends in you mind for a while...!!! and i tell you i am not adding any pictures for this post...i dint find any one that can better match my post today..!!!

today is a special day..it has got many specialities...!!!

1. it is the last day of the fourth month of the ninth year of the twenty first century...!!!
2. it is the last day of my Friend month in this Land of Dreams..!!!
3. it is the last exam of my B.Tech life...!!!
4. it is the last day of my life's most happiest days...!!!
5. it is the last day of sitting in the college bus..!!!
6. it is the last day of my college...!!!

Here is a poem dedicated to all my friends at CM Engineering College and specially the Gang of Octaves..!!!

Together we were, everything to share
to play, to study, to love, to care
were in joy, in happiness, filled it in air
had every minute for each other to spare
not enjoyed a moment, this must be very rare
everything, till now, was neat and fair
enter the new phase of life, we now dare
with our lives, we alone now pair
we are no more for each other there
in reality, a feeling of presence we wear
the beauty of time we spent, we now stare
wish to get it back, will never leave it, we swear
like never before, we will hold it with care
but we know, its just a lit lamp in the air
Lets move on, with memories in heart, there
with confidence, lets achieve our goals, lets now dare..!!!

I know....its a bit different poem i ever wrote...i am seriously gonna miss those days...

when we had lunch together in the last bench,
when we played with water in the class room,
when we bunke the lectures just to spend some time in the canteen,
when we cheered our Cricket team in red hot sun,
when we organized events for the department and the college,
when we spent long days in the canteen,
when we had ice creams in the lawn,
when we took pictures for no reason,
when we laughed the fullest,
when we gave out our exams,
when we planned our parties,
when we fought for silly reasons,
when we cried if we were hurt,
when we passed comments on our juniors in the corridor,
when we enjoyed the time near the class window,
when we prepared and presented seminars,
when we did our project,
when we were tensed with the tests,
when we lived the most happiest days of our lives.

we are gonna miss those happy days alot....it was four years back when we joined this college with the fear of new place and the most important ragging...we are the first outgoing batch of our college and we now feel proud of it...the last day was a memorable one tooo.....juss like the very first day when we were in fear but today we were left in tears...!!!

Today, when it was time to leave, i felt like i am leaving something more important than my life in that special place...i still dont know what that feeling is....there was a farewell in the school too where i studied for 12 years,....also in my +2 but i never felt this bad....i dont know anything when i joined this college....but today, i know what is right and what is not...!!!

also, this is a special place for the poetess in me. this is the place where i wrote my first poem...it has seen the change in my poetry since the last four years....!!!

think of college i get to me the time specnt with best gng in the world....the Gang of Octaves...!!! its not four years old...guess, its just one and half year old....we were just friends till then and now we are the best friends for each other....we had all the experiences together....!!!

Sukanya, Chandu, Vijay, Swathi, Jitu, Karthik, Shashank, Chaitu.....every one are special. each of us are different at attitude...we fight daily...but we are back to normal in just the next two minutes...!!! we had the best time together...!!!

i think i am making the post too long..kya karoon....i orget time when i speak about my college...!!!

Gonna miss my college very badly..!!!


Anonymous said...

most definitely nostalgia will take over now! even though u will miss it, u can be delighted at having such beautiful memories to cherish!

its a beautifully sad post!

take care yamini...
as for ur friends, well, they always will be by your side! :)

yamini meduri said...


thanks yaar..!!!
nothing much i can say now..!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm..... y do u make this to me yam thru ur post....

this was the day which i dotn wanted to see at any cost.... but i had to face it....

miss everyone of our coll....

nd specially octaves ...there with me all thru my tough nd happier times...

wonderful r those memories.... would never forget them... these happy days r never again back....

but wanna go back to the day wen i first came to the coll.. so that we can be together for another 4 yrs.....

miss uu alllllllllllll.....its a tough time ahead.....

we need to fce it.... miss uuuu....

oh no is this me writing this much big comment....my god...

taking it to an end jus wanted to say i miss all of my friends....

misss uuuuuuuuuu alllllllllll... :-(

yamini meduri said...


miss you too dear..!!!

and really yaar.....such a big comment...my god...!!!

Anonymous said...

miss uuu toooo ...yammm

hmmm... being a bit special my dear

yamini meduri said...


:) thanks my dear..!!!

ANWESA said...

ah!!college ends!!a new phase of life..ur sweet memories will b wid u 4 life...let life take its course..it may take away ur college,but their memories r alwez wid u...

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear....you are right..but still i am gonna miss the real presence of it..!!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

we leave college
we leave the benches
we leave the friends..

but the memories and love always remains..

beautiful post :)..


yamini meduri said...


thanks dear..!!!

Pallav said...

i m sad...to know ths.. bcz u knw ths is the best time of our life..

move on is another part of life....

all the best for ur futre..
hv fun shun yar...


yamini meduri said...


thanks dear...!!!

hope i will have fun the rest of my life.!!!

Phoenix said...


*sniff sniff*

dont worry im sure the friends you made are ones that will last a lifetime...


cheer up yams... they will be with you wherever you go

hail the OCTAVES!!!

and all the best for your life ahead!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear...thanks a ton..!!!

Ashish Surana said...

listening same from the dual degree friends from IIT D and make me feel like going back to college :)

Enjoy and have fun :)

yamini meduri said...


Its hurting to be away yaar...!!!

nyways thanks..!!

Anonymous said...

a big hug to you for writing this.. i am suddenly missing my college again :(

yamini meduri said...

@Pink Orchid

thanks yaar...Thanks for the hug..u suddenly made me feel special...!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Time makes us to forget some memories ... but few memories make us to forget time :)

Such memories are precious and are to be cherished for one's lifetime.

Student life itself is a carriage of such wonderful memories... provided if u are covered with good frineds, who can cheer u up throughout ...

believe me yamini, had ur friends not been there, u would have not enjoyed as much as u did...

u guys are lucky to heave each other...especially octaves!!

And what to say about Akanksha... u proved ur heart re ...well done :)

Meanwhile, i had been to my college days while i was reading ur post, such a worm feeling it was and thanks for that.

And definetly u r going to miss all those happy days, but remember this is not the end... Take it as a new begining for another beautiful end, the other day.

No regrets for this long comment ... My sis can bare me:)

Love u

yamini meduri said...


thanks di....i am really very happy to see your comment in my post..!!!

thanks a ton..!!!

and yes, i am gonna miss my college very badly...and i know its the start of a different part of my lie...but then you are also there in my start so no worries..!!!

and bare you??? i always do...you are my special sis....the best on i had....i adore you more than pavani...Love you Di..!!!

Jeevan said...

I haven’t gone thought these moments and attitude in life and this never get me into feeling bad about as these things haven’t bothers me much. I am glad you people had this wonderful world called collage and shares the beautiful relationships called friendship, and I could try to understand your feeling, but can’t quite. Your writing shows me the other side of our lives, and I wish you people always keep in touch and share the love. Take care dear :)

yamini meduri said...


Thanks dear...!!!

i think the only fun u missed in your life is the fun at college...lemme tell u...its the best part...!!!

But still you are in a better life now...not every one like you gets it...enjoy it the fullest man..!!!