Apr 26, 2009


Better I became day after day
Love you shared is eternal
On the top of the world am I
Golden comments, i read from you
Great i feel, to be here in this world
Entered with lots of dreams to share
Reality they became in my journey here

Finding you is a great pleasure
Regularly i see you here
In my Land of Dreams
Energising my dreams
Not to end forever
Dear, so much i wish to say
So little are the words i have

Time i spent here is special
Heaven it showed me
I found the writer in me
Senses brought me smiles all the time

In this month of Friendship
Saluting am I, to all you people

For not just the love you shared
Or for the lines you made, but also for the
Round the life, the smiles you brought
U are all very special to me, Love you..!!!

This post is a dedication to all the bloggers out here. dear friends, you all have a special place in my Heart. i never know that i can write this much....but with you wonderful people encouraging me all the way round, The Land Of Dreams has become the best part of my life....thank you friends...!!! I am in search of right words to let you all know how happy i feel when i see you all readin my work.....thanks is the only word coming to my mind...!!!

every one are special like:

Hemanth: for the smiles he brings to his friends
Phoenix: for her stress handling attitude and ambitious soul
Vinay: for his different forms of poetry and his constant encouragement
Mayank: for his sweet posts about his girl
Kajal: for her smiling blossom of the pink orchids
Preethi: for her best poetry and wonderful feelings
Jeevan: for his confidence
PJ: for her fun and presence
Anwesa: for her times she makes a note about

Prams: for her being the best in my life...my sweet cousin

Amit: for his beautiful articles

Sam: for his never ending journey of life
Dhanya: for sweet posts she writes
Harshita: for her optimistic attitude
Mahesh: for his thoughts
shwetha: for her smiles

Prudhvi: for his help to continue my social service project

Prajyot: for his info abt the computer world
Mithe: for the special comments
Sawan: for the love he shares to the dear ones
Chriz: for his funny and humorous posts

and many more....sorry if i forgot u..!!!
(dont consider the order please..!!!)

i find many more in my followers list but never find them leaving a comment here.....thanks a lot friends but i wud feel more happy if you leave a comment here...!!! i dont like to end this post but i have to....so heres is the last three words i wish to say u..!!!



Leo said...

wow yammi :)

that is a sweet dedication! thank u sooo much for writing this! :)

and i am glad i met u on blogger too! :) will keep encouraging u always as u do for me :)

thank u :) :)

sukanya said...

nice dedication dear.....

the last four lines were written awesome....

but a very long post.....its time for me to sleep dear...lolzz...

Mayz said...

we love you too yamini n thnku so much for this lovely dedication :)

u made my day :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

:)..thank u so much :)...it was wonderful dedication to all the friends in blogger :)..


Pallav said...

ths is called Friendship..
ths is beautiful peice.. with full dedication....

i respect ur felling n salute u for ths....

Cheers :)


Harshita said...

Thanks so much...

You knw wat...the reason you get so much love is coz u spread two folds... :)

So I wud like to thank you for being a wonderful human being and an amazing friend to all of us.

How do we know said...

Hey Yam.. we love u too!!

ANWESA said...

n i was glad 2 see my name sumwhere in ur long list of frnds...luvd it..keep blogging..

Sam said...

ahh my never endin journey of life ;)

i wont like that to end soon.but go on for long time to come!!

Dhanya said...

Awww... Yamz! I am honoured!

Love you too!! You are the best, gal...


Phoenix said...


im thrilled to bits yams.. thank you soo much..

muwaah mwuaah


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hi Yamini...

I am glad i didn't missed reading your poems..

Thanks for dedicating this poem for us..:)

I too have the same feelings for my blogger friends but i am sure that i may fail in putting my feelings on paper...

You love my thoughts..:) I am surprised and feeling happy

You did a good job..:)


Jeevan said...

I go with harshita, because those words are very true about u and only when we open the doors (heart) we can receive and sent letters (love).

Thanks so much for your sweet words spoken from your heart and am so glad landing here in your dreams, reading your beautiful poems. My best wishes :)

prajyot said...

well thanks for such a praise....he he

but indeed you too are special for all of us...thats why we are indian bloggers..one place,one junoon...he h