Sep 10, 2009


Her smile is a pleasure, i thought
Her presence is a heaven, i felt

another me, coming to the world
waiting for her was always great

her little fingers, her little eyes
her sweet cheeks, her cute face

i waited, for another gift of God
another child of mine, a dear baby girl

Before i could see her, she is vanished
Before i could hear her, she is destroyed

the sacred womb, is turned a graveyard
killing the little life for just being a "girl"

Please let my little child see the world
let her see the light, let her see me

Later in life, she may just see the darkness
but please let see her the light atleast once

i the mother of world, pray, request, beg
please let my baby live..!!!


Hemanth Potluri said...

i dont know wat to say touched my heart so much...those lines are so beautiful..can i pls take these lines as print out and show them to some frnds..


Anonymous said...

beautiful! it is heartfelt! touching! brilliant write Yami!

Hemanth Potluri said...

just came back to give an 2006 article which i saved in a mail once...thats y it took time for the mail to be searched...

here is the link

just go through it and find some bad girl childs are being killed ..actually the latest report was not yet out after 2006...some more shoking news links if u want to read yamini


Anonymous said...

wow! so touching!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

it is too good dear. keep on writting..

Amity Me said...

it touches a mother's frail heart who never tried destroying one precious life in her womb...

may this be a reminder to all those who would attempt to do such thing.

i love your post!

be back again, sooner than you think.:)

Amity Me said...

and please care to drop by my site, it's just new, not even a year old, you know!

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Yamini,

Very sensitively expressed..It was very touching..i add my voice too..:)

Keep writing dear.

Amias said...

Oh Yamini, it breaks my heart. With this little girl, men will not be born.

I read something similar to this on another blog, and like this one, it brings tears to these old eyes.

I got an idea, and will get back to you with it. Thank you for posting this, it a good thing to remember on tomorrow -- it's the women of the world 911 emergency.

Peace to you little sister!

Yellow Tulip said...

wow...soo touching..n beautifully said dear:)

Anonymous said...

Very touching yamzz..Am into tears very painful ..!

Keep writing Dear :)

Anonymous said...

you are tagged! :)

Anu...:) said...

Thats sadly beautiful.

maglomaniac said...

Hi Yamini,
This is Harsha here.
I came to your link through Amias's blog.
And when she praised for you I came here with high hopes and am very happy that they were not at all shattered.
There is something of a kinda similar sort that I wrote some time ago.
It might interest you.
i want to kill my daughter


Anonymous said...


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