Aug 31, 2009

AM I???

Keep your secrets
locked from the world
just in my heart
am i a faithful friend??

Sharing your every little joy
those special to your heart
spreading joy all around
am i a joyous friend??

Wiping your tears
at your toughest times
they will be mine too
am i a caring friend??

Bringing the little things
together in our littlest world
making it special for us
am i a special friend??

Loving your presence
feeling the heaven on Earth
i am life, so special with you
am i a loving friend??

hi did you find my friendship month?? hope you all liked it..if you didnt...i cant do anything...coz' this is me and my love to friendship. i treasure it more than my life...actually it taught me the ways to live life...bindaas and always happy..!!! i loved the my month of friendship...coz it is the best topic to write on and i loved writing on it yaar....loved it..had a great time..!!!

this is my gift to all of you...accept this little gift from this little friend(not literally meant though) with me forever friends....i am nothing without you...please make me complete..!!!


Arun Kumar said...

I loved this friendship month with ur awesome writes... cuute poem once again..

Arun Kumar said...

Yay !!! first to comment....

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hii Yamini ..

Loved it as always..:)

Ur friendship month was fantastic..Will hope to see more from u..

With best wishes,

Yellow Tulip said...

loved every friendship poems of urs dear..:)..ur brilliant friend:)...hope u'll write more:)..

take care loving,caring,special,faithful,joyous, poetic friend:)

Anonymous said...

So much in love with your poems Yamz..:)

Your write ups inspire my creative are such a candid writer ..

Thanks for these wonderful poems !

Take Care..

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

this was so beautifully penned (as always)

u r all thz and much more one needs and expects in a friend.

and ye thnku for ur frenshp gift. it is soo soooo soooo cute n adorable dear.

tc :)

Anonymous said...

hope another friendship month comes soon! :)

Mukesh Kumar said...

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