Aug 26, 2009


Above the heavens, in a special world
guarded by my little angels you were
standing there, i see, you were strong and bold
of light, of joy, of smiles, of love, of care

showing me life, all filled with happiness
guiding me to the garden you were in
my angles made me feel like a princess
have loads to share with you, so was waiting

to meet you, in the garden as i stepped
stream of trust flew into my heart, dear
the shower of the flowers, both us blessed
in the world of love, we did meet here

i asked you, what is that from now share
you said, "bond of friendship" we really care

This form of poetry is called a sonnet ( more about it here). Since my childhood, i had been a great admirer of William Shakespeare and today, when i tried to attempt his famous sonnets,i am very of the world. This is my first sonnet and the most happiest to me is that my first sonnet is on my friends who are the treasure in my life....!!! hope you liked it...if anything went wrong....please let me that i can be right the next time..!!!


R S said...

kya likha hai...
i seldom read poetry but your poems are changing my tastes and preferences
Keep it up

Pramoda Meduri said...

too good dear... Thanks for this info about sonnets.>:)

U rock..!!!

Yellow Tulip said...

too good dear:),,, changes from my side:)

keep writing dear frien:)..loved this dedication:)..

AMIT said...

Very good written.

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roshwrites said...

Great!! This really summed up friendship :)