Sep 16, 2009


One day we fought
For the littlest things in life
One day we celebrated
Every little joy of life
One day we faced
The toughest situations in life
One day we stood
For things that went wrong
One day we were together
For everything in life

But today, I realize it wasn’t a day
Four memorable years of life
Every day is a sweet memory now
You are my best friend dear
Who knows me better than me
Who understands my heart better
Who is special to me, to my life

On your birthday today
Here’s me, your sweet friend
Wishing you the world’s all joy
All the good wishes shower on you
All the happiness be yours
Happy birthday Dear
You are my dearest friend
In this special world
Let our friendship live forever..!!!

Chandu n Yamini...the best friends in the world...!!!

hi friends....i know it has got nothing to do with this month topic...but i couldnot miss this post...i loved to do this post....its my best best friend's birthday dearest friend..!!! we had been friends since last four years and now i am in search of words to tell u all how great friends we are....he is someone whom i can share everything...i dont have any secrets with life is a open book to him..!!! Friends...wish him all the success in the world...he really needs all your good wishes..!!!

will be back tomorow again..!!! hopefully..!!!


Anonymous said...

wish u a very happy birthday friend! :)

nice dedication to ur friendship Yammi! nicely written! :)

Jeet said...

arey chandu ga..... many many happy returns of d day.... may god give u all wat u want :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Chandu!!
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!
God Bless You With Loads Of Happiness in your Life!!

And Yamini, May Your Friendship Blossoms each day like rainbow colors!!
Wishes and Prayers!:-):-)
Take Care!!

chandra said...

Yam thanks a lot raaa....nuvu chepina antha scene naku uandhoo ledhoo teliyadhu feel happy if they really suits mee..anyways thanks once again for the gifttt...

Dhanya said...

Happy bday Chandu! Hope your friendship lives on FOREVER! :)

Being Pramoda... said...

HIII Chandu...

Many more happy returns of the day..:)

Hey yamini..wonderful dedication dear..i loved it..:)

May ur frndship blossoms...:)

Priya Joyce said...

sorry am late..:(:(

belated happy b'day to chandu...:):):)
n yah lovely post yams..

Yellow Tulip said...

Happy bday Chandu!...long live ur friendship gal:)...very lovely dedication:)

Vinz said...

thoughtful dedication..
greetings for the friend..!!


Hemanth Potluri said...

Belated wishes friend :)...that was sweet dedication :)..