Nov 22, 2009


Yeah...Yeah i know i am very late....very irregular these days....but yaar..try n understand...i am not able to make it up with my schedule....its being very hectic...but please dont forget ma land of dreams...!!!

now, i would like to share with you a real incident that happened just yesterday. its a bit boring but yes, worth sharing and worth reading....bit na....funniest...!!!

Main Charecters: Sri Nidhi (Sri) n Me

Preface: both of us are working for a conference being held in Mumbai from 25th-27th. we are supposed to call all the HR's of all the companies and invite them to attend the conference. we are the "conference cordinators". We have the college phone to call. no one keeps a track on the numbers except that sometimes it may get recorded so that you will not call up your home.

Day; 21/nov/2009
Time morning 9:00 a.m

Sri n I were coming to our office. we saw an owl on the wall. it was the centre of attraction for the whole team. we clicked pictures had fun for a while and got back to work. Around, 11:30 i suddenly remembered about owl and went to see if its still there. This time the owl looked very frightened and i could see only one leg. i thought, the owl is injured and is pain. i rushed back to the office and directly to Sri's cabin.

"Sri, i think the owl is injured. i am unable to see it in pain. Lets call Blue Cross."
"ok Yamini. lets search for the blue cross number in the internet."

we got 4-5 numbers and we tried all of them...all of them were wrong. we called Just-Dial and finnaly got numbers. there was no response since it was sat'day.

"sri lets call Red Cross. may be they will have some contact of the Blue Cross." and i gave the hyd Red Cross Number. we called them, took the mumbai red cross number and from there got the pune contact. When Sri called Pune office, we got to know that they dont have any contact of blue cross.

we were very desparate to help the owl and so, we searched in the internet of those volunteers and doctors involved with Blue Cross and somehow got the numbers. we called a chain of five people of blue cross when we finally got 2 people for the bird rescue out of which one was travelling.

By now we have already made 20 calls. the last, 21st call was Mr. Ajay.

Ajay heard all the story and then asked if we are able to see the wound. we said NO.

"See students. The Owls dont fly in the mornings. they rest. and while they rest the sit/stand on only one leg. it is their style of resting. and we dont rescue birds which are not in trouble. thanks for taking pain ma'm" he said and cut the line.

We couldnot stop our laughter for a while and the whole team, when said, burst into laughter...!!!

Though it was a foolish attempt, our research helped us know one thing


both Sri n I are now the voluteers of Blue Cross Society.


Hemanth Potluri said...

:)....well sometimes it happens :P...heheh...dont worry now u know every number to save a animal :)....well it was actually sweet of u trying to save the owl....instead i should be very happy to have such a friend trying to help everyone and every sweet of u yamini :)...all the best for ur conf ...god bless u....have a nice sunday evening :)...


Hemanth Potluri said...

and yeah next time dont try the owl again :P...take care..


yamini meduri said...

@Hemanth was a nice experience hemanth.....hahahha....thanks dear..!!!

yamini meduri said...


we will not try the owl next time...some other bird..!!!

Leo said...

hehehe :D

reminds me of harry potter of sorts :D

good one..

Aneesh said...

this is how you learn things, nah?


tulipspeaks said...

come to think of it..

i never seen an owl before!! :O


AmitL said...

Hi,Yamini-I checked ur blog after ages and voila,here's a new post..and,what a cute one..Thanks for the bit of knowledge about resting owls.:)

sukku said...

hey yam nice to hear frm tat
so totally u r member of two crosses hehe... [:)]

inkenti wil u stop eating chick??

yamini meduri said...


hahaha.....but nice experiencce na..!!!

yamini meduri said...


some new way of learning things..!!!

yamini meduri said...


haha....the first time u see an owl...remember this story of mine..!!!

yamini meduri said...


hi are you doing??? welcome back to my land of dreams..!!!

thanks yaar....dint u even know abt the owl?

yamini meduri said...


welcome back yaar...enni rojula tarvata...!!!

blue cross volunteers andaru chicken manesara??? lite ..manam chicken maeshthe prapancham talakindulaitadi...telusu kada..!!!

Amias said...

What a beautiful story! Not boring at all.