Nov 8, 2009

I AM...!!!

Like the cool breeze
blows around the world
I am free, to live

Like the fresh flowers
smiling to be present
I am beautiful

like the tough harsh thorns
of the beautiful little rose
I am tough, to myself

Like the dancing waves
of the vast blue sea
I am calm yet struggling

Like the morning sun
of every new dawn
My smile is extra bright

Like the world around
with all colors of life
I am the most beautiful

Like the flying birds
up above the world
I wish to reach high in life

I am the ship in the ocean
I know my lighthouse
The beach, I am striving to reach..!!!


Yellow Tulip said...

cool:)....there is somethin for u:) collect it dear

Anonymous said...

reading it at first, i thought it was haiku poem! then, syllables didnt fit! yet the flow never wavered! :)

your poems are a delight to be read anytime dearest Yami! :)

Being Pramoda... said...

when i'm at ur blog
as i read ur post
I feel I'm beautiful

Thanks for this sis..:) Good post..

Creativity!! said...

Wowwww :) :) Beautiful :) :)

Amity Me said...

like anything we feel, hear, see around us, it reflects our inner self and who we are and who we want to be...:)

Anonymous said...

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Aneesh said...

Nice. Self assurance, positive thinking. The 'I' stands out

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear...!!! will soon check out..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thought of writing a haiku...but the syllables were not ended up writing this..!!!

thanks dear.!!1

yamini meduri said...


thanks di...youa re always beautiful...!!!

actually we are the most beautiful in the world..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thansk dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear....keep smiling..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks friend..!1 come back again...with your name..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear..!!!

welcome back to my land of dreams...thanks a ton are you doing???

Aneesh said...

Thank you.
I'm doing fine. Actually i'm feeling better considering the past few days :P
Not much work and that let me come here in blogville

Hemanth Potluri said...

thats a beautiful description of words which described u :)...beautifully written..


prajyot said...

Superb post...!!! i really liked the way you expressed it...keep up the nice feelings

yamini meduri said...


thanks yaar....come land of dreams is always open t u my friend..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear....thanks a ton..!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks friend...!!