Nov 14, 2009


The little fingers
fly the balloons
the little palms
clap in joy

Their innocent smiles
refresh the air around
their special presence
make the day the best

They find happiness
in everything around
they sense a special joy
with every little thing in life

Today is the day
special to them
to celebrate
their sweet life

To every kid
be it at heart
this is my wish
from my Land of dreams



SRINIDHI said...

sweet poem written by an even sweeter friend.
Keep it UP!

Hemanth Potluri said...

cant be more sweeter then this...happy childrens day yamini :)...


yamini meduri said...


thanks Nidhi....welcome to my land of dreams...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thanks a ton hemanth....neeku kuda happy childrens day....lucky ki kuda..!!!

Priya Joyce said...

awww as sweet as it culd be...

yet again..u rocked :)

yamini meduri said...


thanks dear.....wishes to u too..!!!

Anonymous said...

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Mads... said...

ohh sweet..such a luvlyy poem..:) Happy Children's day..!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

hey yamini..

sweet one about the sweethearts..happy childrns day..

Aneesh said...


Happy children's day
I know, it's late, but my children't day is today :P