Sep 8, 2009


A sweet smile greets her every morning
With a warm hug, with the hot coffee
Expects her to smile back, and feel better
But never got it back

A loving hand brushes her hair every day
With love, with care, it runs through
Expects her to be happy and live with joy
But never got it back

Many eyes wanted to see her smiling
Many hearts loved her for the way she was
Many minds thought of her, and her life
But never got it back

She lived in the thoughts that ran through
Unable to link herself to the world around
She cried to know who she was
But never got it back

She wanted to know, why the smile
But the mother found it difficult
To say, “ Dear, I am your mother”
The dear daughter now never knew

She wanted to know, why the caring hand
But the father couldnot stop his tears
To say, “Dear, I am your father”
The dear daughter now never knew

She couldnot relate anything
The present world of hers lost the link
The link with her beautiful past
Living now, with just questions

Today all her questions still remained
Unanswered, but her breathe finally stopped
The pursuit of her identity is incomplete
She left the world, knowing not who she was…!!!!

i dedicate this post to all those suffering with Alzheimer's disease...when affected people forget everything...even who they are..!!! Long live the world but now die the disease..!!!

I think i will be writing about such social problems all this month....may be later on too..let me get serious now...!!! hope you will be there with me all along my journey...!!!


Anonymous said...

Yami... I had tears too.. soo sad!

a dismal way to go to heaven, and even more sad for the loved ones of the unfortunate soul...

terrible death.. Alzheimers...

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Yamini,

I Would love to read such kind of posst, and yaa forever..:)

This one is a true dedication to the victims. Its sooo touching and i can actually feel how u would have felt while writing this..

Hats off to u and love u..:)

With love

Yellow Tulip said...

dear this was a true dedication :)...very beautifully versed...its really soo sad..keep posting :)..

Ria said...

that mad eme all teary eyed!!i dread wht will i do if something of this sort happens to me. :(

How do we know said...

Yam.. in these few months.. u have matured so much!!

Even your writing is very different now.. Go girl, you are among the few ppl i know who are getting better!

for u..from me said... b'full thoughts..a sincere dedication..rlly,we all r vry eager to read such kinda posts..n it can b felt what u're trying to bring out..keep going dear..!!!

Yellow Tulip said...

hey dear u have been awarded:)

Hemanth Potluri said...

it was awesome yamini really heart touchin...its just so lovely :)..


Amity Me said...


i dread the day when old age is accompanied by the disease...

Lord, spare me!

Nice to be here!:)

Anu...:) said...

Thats very very nice.Seriously.VEry good!

Arun Kumar said...

touching poem Yamini... excellent dedication..

really alzheimers is the worst way to die... worse than cancer... atleast they can relieve the pain in cancers...
have seen two patients myself... sad souls !!!