Jan 13, 2012

To PRAMS..!!!

This post is indeed a special one to me...coz' my first inspiration to blog has completed her 600 posts and is celebrating...so, here i am sharing my part of the celebrations too..!!
before i start of with the post, i must tell you where to really congratulate her..she is known in the blogger world as Being Pramoda [link] but to me she is my dear cousin...whom i admire adore and love more than my real sister. Di, you are the best sister in the world.

so having said that, here goes my post---

I still remember the first time we had a conversation about blogs. Then i dindt know anything about except that i read about them in a newspaper article just a day before. The first time we spoke about them, i was really interested. I felt this is where i can show that world that i can write. she told me her blog link and i started reading her. I got to more about the Pramoda whom i knew not before...i was impressed and started a blog of my own and what happened later is all history now. I look back now and find that its already 4yrs in this blogger world..!!

She is a true inspiration for me to write. I dont know where she get the energy to write after the long day work but she does it with full passion. Pramoda as i know her is true through her pen. She lives herself through every word.

open up a whole new world
where you can fly
with colors of butterflies
where you can swim
like the beautiful gold fish
where you can dream
like the life is forever
where you can live
through your quill

600 is definite milestone
but rest you must not

open up a whole new world
of better take homes
for they are true learnings
of good book reviews
for they guide us read more
of special family bonds
for they are special to me
of everything new
for that is what is BEING PRAMODA

Congratulations di...more to go...all the best..!!


Being Pramoda... said...

My goodnessssssssssss!

thanks so much ra..:)

I thought of doing a guest posting with u on 600..but then i dropped the idea since i thought abt the dedication!!

well, this post is nothing short.. i loved every bit of it!!

and by the way, its a pleasant surprise toooo :)

so nice of you :) i will give this link in my blog as my 601 post :)

Thanks again..;)

KParthasarathi said...

She deserves all the accolades.You did well to highlight her achievements.Thanks Yamini

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

This is such a sweet dedication :)
She's indeed an amazing person and she totally deserves this :)

Jack said...


Beautiful way to congratulate as well as show gratitude for inspiring you to be here. May God bless you both with many many years of writing here.

Take care