Jan 28, 2012


Wedding bells I think of
beautiful flowers I dream
Smiles all around
the best stage all set

our handsome prince awaits
his beautiful bride
shining bright as he finds her
love is all we see

"I Do" they say
husband and wife pronounced
celebrations begin
with rhythm and rhyme

while their air is filled
with wedding tunes
I wish them all joy
May God bless them
with a blissful life ahead

To my friend Anson Jerrin Mathews and his best half Jinu Simon on their most memorable day of their life.

Anson this is specially for you..
Dear, as the new phase starts, I wish you a wonderful life ahead. I
know I am a li'l late in posting this...but i thought better now than never..!!

May laughter and joy fill every room of your life..!!As your lives join in love forever and as the joy increase twice...Here's a dream specially for you from my land of dreams...!! This dream is my wedding gift for you..!! All the best and congratulations..!!

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Someone is Special said...

Best wishes to your friend.. and I hope you are doing well..

Someone is Special