Feb 1, 2012

& The Black Robe..!!

Every student's goal
to live that moment
every parent's dream
begun when a child is born
euphoria years away
a simple thought brings in a smile
"Graduation Day"- a feeling of pride

To me, peak of success
to the pillars of my life
a joyful event, most awaited
realizing the glorious thrill
of a dream come true
as I stand in "The" Black Robe
their eyes turn moist
I just smile with tears too

Graduation is a hard earned goal
head held high, best smile I wear
I walk the climax of the goal
my parents watching me
cloud nine, I truly experience
graduation day, a dream come true
of every student, every parent
so does mine...yippies...!!!

Graduation, a day when you realize that you have achieved something..may be a goal.
Graduation, a day when you feel that you lived the best...may be a dream.
Graduation, a day when you wear something best...may be a smile.
Graduation, a day when you make someone happy...may your parents, may be your teacher..!!!

The moment I wore my black robe..I felt the sense of achievement. I could sense my mom having tears. I could see my dad's smile..wow..it was the day when i was happy to heavens. That moment, I wish to write with the silver pen and mend with the golden words in the diaries of my life...!!

22 Jan 2012, my graduation day...!!

I met my friends, who were my family for 2 years during my stay in Pune. They are living their dream too...we were all happy as ever. I met my teachers, who were happy to see us graduate. I met my inspiration, Bala sir, a man who inspires everyone who meets him some or the other way..!! Wow...My graduation day was the best...with my parents, husband, friends, teachers and Bala sir joined in..!!

I dedicate this post and also my graduation to my parents who dreamt this day when i was born and to my teachers, specially Bala sir for helping me live their dream..!! Thank you every one..!!!


Sach! said...

:) Sweet post! I just completed my Masters and I know how it feels. Good luck with upcoming days!!

hari said...

am on my way to reach this point! Waiting for it eagerly...its gonna be in 2014...long time...huh...