Apr 18, 2012


Thank God I could have a good sleep last night. The second day, started well with interesting lecture, but ended the worst with the most boring lecture. But the discussions and debates were interesting.

Coimbatore weather is OK types, but about the heat, it is better than Hyderabad. But the power cut makes it worse. Every alternate hour there is a powercut. Thanks to the college management, atleast they have a generator and gave us an AC room.

In the last post, I was to tell you about the story of the accommodation here. Its the worst part of my coimbatore trip.

Its a typical girls hostel where you have a demon-like warden and cat-like students. One yells and the others fear. I think none of them can speak when she is around. they literally become dumb. what they, i also get dumb looking at her, she is like that. None can help.

Crossing her, i entered the room. My God i was dumbstruck. its 12x10 room where 4 of us were expected to live. My God, i couldnt take it at all. when you go to the mess, the demon stands at the entrance making sure that none is talking or wasting food. Does she not know by now that none can talk when she is around...whatever..!!! the silly part is that, you are expected to carry the plate and the glass while you go to take food. It was literally like the prisoners in the jail....and yeah, we were not anything less than that.

top of all, its the timings. the breakfast is at 7.00am when i dont even wake up. lunch is anyways at the college so no worries...and the dinner is at 7.00pm when i dont even feel hungry. and past this time..no food u would get...!! only i know how am i surviving here....coz' i have no other option.

but one thing is that i atleast got an experience of a typical girls' hostel.

Now i realize how wonderul was my college hostel during my MBA...!!!

lots later...bye for now :)

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