Dec 4, 2012

601. Old Habit Revisited..!!

Long time back...and really long time back, I had a habit...almost for three years...!! Every single day (almost) I used to do it but I never knew when did I left it behind. Today, when I did it again...I understood what that missing element was...!!

Blogging early morning...!!

Today, the first thing I did was to check my blog, as soon as I opened my blog and reading the last dream I penned and let me tell you, that feeling was as special as it used to be then.

Today, I had nothing to write (it was the same for almost an year now) but still I thought let me pen down and here goes my poem for the day in december, dedicated to my country, my India..!!!

Illuminating character
internalized in ever breathe
inspiring generations
intensifying traditions

Novel times energizing
new generations
niche is the culture carried on
not questioning ever

Deep sense of pride
divine respect I carry
deaconing my identity
despite any crisis

In India, an Indian
inspired by the colors
immensely special nature
I take pride to be one

Aspire to be for lives to come
an Indian, I wish I shall be born
asperging smiles
across nation, I wish to live


Anwesa said...

Its the first time I am on a blog so early in the morning :) Nice to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back !! :) Reading this made me smile, for your love, your writing and thoughts are just like before - filled with passion and enthusiasm :) Its indeed a pleasure to read back words from a girl who still lives and believes in her dreams :)