Dec 12, 2012

12-12-12 THE DAY THAT JUST WENT BY...!!!

 There has been a lot of discussion about the day that just went by for a week now. The day has come and like any other day, it just went by. Just that people got married, some even got divorced (ridiculous), some were born, some celebrated, but to the most of them, it was the same like any other day.

I was just looking at the date now and I realize, that it is definitely special. Not for the reason that it is the last repeating date of the century but because, the number that is repeating, 12 is the date on which I was born.
When I am almost off to bed, I realize that the day was indeed special and on a special day, how not visit the “Land of Dreams”? and hence here I go. I shall now share in this land of dreams, the 12 most beautiful things that happened in my life after I first opened my eyes.

1.       The most beautiful family I am born in. Meduri’s were never farther than a whisper. Every time my heart beat faster, there was a smile calming me down. If I am special someone to you today, its because of my family and the eternal love they showered upon me.

2.       The lovely school I went to. I have learned everything that is important in life at my school. All I learnt after that was just to strengthen the wall that was already built. It was small and its smaller today, but the impact Siddhartha high School has in my life is enormous.

3.       How can I ever forget F.R.I.E.N.D.S of school, Grads, and PG. They have shown me the happiest moments of life. They always shared a heart to laugh with and a shoulder to cry upon. I feel so good when I tell myself that with some, our friendship is almost 20 years old now. And then came Ocatves….what else can I ask God after such a precious gift, I was thinking. But the Almighty didn’t stop. They showered me with some more angels in life through Vidhya, Ayush, Anusha etc. The bestest thing ever….my dear friends

4.       Sri Balaji Society…a place that transformed me and introduced me to a new ME. A place that holds the highest place in my life. Bala Sir, the person whom I shall forever be thankful for everything especially the family that he has given me.

5.       My teachers, who have shaped the real Yamini to face the challenge of the world. I still remember those long chats with Bapat sir, Anitha Shekhar Ma’am, Sumithra Ma’am who listened to all stupid things I spoke all time.

6.       Akanksha Charitable Society…one of my dream come true project. Through our project Akanksha, I made a difference in so many lives. I have made a mark. Though there is a lot to achieve, I am happy so far.

7.       My interest to play with colors…the most special thing of me that I like the most. Without colors in world, I would have stopped living long back. That constant urge to be creative made my life more colorful.

8.       Books…a world where I am lost more often than any other. All those books, all those writers and specially all those book shops…with out any of you, this life would have been worse than ever. Inspired from Pramoda and her parents, I developed the habit of reading and today, I cant get rid of it.

9.       Ashok Popuri…another new  addition into my life. I still remember the first time we spoke, the first time we went out, the first time he held my hand, and the rest all is history now. He is indeed special if not everything, almost a perfect man for my life. I admire his continuous struggle to understand the complex ME.

10.   My long silky hair….I love it to the core. It helped me stand out in the crowd any time. I admire them the most though it irritates also the most some times. Yeah, I own the most beautiful long silky hair.

11.   An everlasting smile. This is my identity…this is my symbol. I own a special smile that’s open, that greets you even before I utter a word. A smile that can leave you never. I promise

12.   Last but not the least, My land of dreams. A place where a discovered the inner ME. A place that brought me many other friends, teachers, inspirers and lovers. My pen, I am extremely thankful to.

Wow, I complete 12 already and let me tell you, it was no easy a task when you have to prioritize the best 12 out of infinite things that are special.

Off to bed now...and bye to 12-12-12.


Being Pramoda... said...

wow... cool :)

Thanks for themention..:) Seriously, smile is your symbol :) keep it up.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

loved it. <3