Apr 18, 2012


Its just three days that i left hyderabad and i already start to miss it. The heat here is testing me. though we sit in an AC room all the day, the moment we come out, it hurts and as the day ends, it really really is bad given the power cuts.

but today, i have got something positive to note. May be that being here for three days, i am able to take in the system and get adjusted, but there are somethings that i really like about this city. let me tell you first the journey that made me positive.

today's session started well. It was a case study discussion (my all-time favorite) on Recruitment. At the end of the session, I got compliments for my decision making skills. Teachers with good years of experience came to me and said that they have learnt from me today. This is a real booster and a great way to start the day. The rest of the session today, i am happy about.

After the session, we went out shopping and this is when i have the first positive point about the city.
  • its well structured
  • very organized traffic
While shopping, we went to Pothy's....one of the best silk emporium in the South. I got a beautiful cotton saree there. then happened something that I never knew before.
  • they gift each of the customer with a plant. these plants are not any other fancy plant. they were useful ones. I got a gooseberry plant and some flower plant(medicinal).
Thats a great move towards encouraging the customers to GO GREEN. I decided that from now on, i will try and give plants as gifts on certain occasions.

Chalo, i finally started to like this city. Hope i take enough experiences to treasure for a life time from coimbatore.

hope many more to come...bye for now.

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hi yamini.. i recommend you change the font style.. very difficult to concentrate and read..