Dec 3, 2012

600th dream

600 dreams I cross
slower than ever
many dreams await
with skies higher than ever

you introduced me to my smile
that was long lost in an unknown land
you inspire me to live
through my pen, in my dreams

I promise to live
I swear to smile
if not for me
sure for you

Dear dreamer
thanks for the inspiration
that I admire the most
This special dream, this special smile
I dedicate it for you

Dear dreamers, I realize that its my 600th dreams and it is all possible because of you who always left a mark in this land of, heres my post dedicated to you, dear reader...!!


Phoenix said...

What a beautiful post, not just the writing.. not just the words...but the beautiful thoughts...loved the wonderful way in which you remembered each one of us when you embarked upon the 600th... it is an honour to be a part of this beautiful journey of your life...

Lots of love...

I could not think of any other way to make a comeback... thank you

Gauri Mathur said...


Preetilata【ツ】 said...


Very very touching and lovely poem indeed. When feelings come from the depths of ones heart, they are bound to be marvelous. 600th post is just wow!!!

Thanks for the dedication sweetheart. and count me in thorough out your journey of writing. May you complete your 1000th soon.

Lots of love and best wishes.

Anwesa said...

Congratulations ! Inspires me to write regularly now.

P.S.: Thanks for the mention, means a lot to me :)

Jeevan said...

Thanks for reminding and remembering as your reader, and it surprises me to please... Feel so glad to be part of your dream land. Congrats dear Yamini :)

Beautiful poem