Jul 13, 2010


"where are we going?" she asked him.
"We are almost there. You shall soon know" he said smiling at her blindfold.
They got down the car and he took her to the place where he first saw her and unfolded her blindfold and he was on his knees when she saw him.
"I LOVE YOU darling. Will you be with me forever?" he asked her.
She knew she could never say no.
"YES" she said with tears already rolling down.
As the docks stood there, they promised to live together forever.

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!


Someone Is Special said...

@ Ms. Meduri,

Good thoughts presented in a neat way, I loved it :-)

Few Miles

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Anonymous said...

I love the "love" flowing in your tales !! some day i am gonna ask you the secret ;)

Enjoyed this with a smile !!

Being Pramoda... said...

Now, reading this post makes me more emotional and happy..:)

staying together is such a wonderful task that we do in life..:) well said and presented sis..:)