Jul 30, 2010


Hello Dreamers

How are you all doing?? Am here today in my Land of Dreams for a thank you post. Its been a long time that I had written a thank you post. Earlier it was for my blogger friends who constantly supported me. But friends, this is for a different reason.

I was ill with viral fever from the last five days. Today is the 6th day and am still not out of bed completely. During this time, I was also very depressed of being away from home and having no one to even help me out to have some food. There was a time when I decided to go home but that means to travel 600 Kms. So had to drop the idea too.

While i was suffering frm such physical and mental illnesses, i had some angels who constantly checked with me and reminded me that i have people who care for me.

The first and very important of such angels is Hemanth. He was there constantly messagin me on phone and asking me about how my health was. Even today, I wake up to see his good morning message followed my "How are you feeling now?" message.

Hemanth thanks a lot yaar. Every time i felt alone, your message brought me a smile. I got strength to go to the hospital though i was feeling very weak. I may not have gone to the doctor that day if you weren't behind me insisting to go the hospital. You dont know how much your messages meant to me while i was sick.

Next come my sweet sister, Pramoda. I am in her home now. Though she is busy with her office work, she constantly asks me about how my health is. Keeping beside the care she takes of me, I have someone to talk to. She is a sweet heart. I feel like am back home being here. If I am able to sit and blog today, that's b'coz of her. LOVE YOU Di...!!!

Amidst all of them, ow can i ever forget Leo. He is a friend who is always there to boost up my morale when its down. Leo knows that blogging makes me better. He reminds me that and encourages me to write..so that atleast for a while i can forget that i am ill. Leo, you are true. Blogging makes me feel better. Thanks da..!!!

Above all, Thanks to each and everyone who cared for me during this boring sickness and prayed for my wellness..thank you all..!!

With Love


Anonymous said...

Hey yamini , hope you are feeling good now :) Friends are darlings . We really need somebody when we are down / sick , and friends are best to turn to .. I am happy those 3 special angels ( and even others , whom you havent mentioned here ;) hehehe ) are glad to have u as a friend too :) Tc and yeah keep blogging , coz its good to listen to your dreams :)

Creativity!! said...

Hi Dear, Kindly Give First Priority To Health. Health Is Very Much Important. Company pays You, But Doesn't Give You Health.

If Feel Loneliness. I Know, Staying Away From Home Is Very Difficult. But, Have To Do So. When Our Career Pillars Are In Different Far Away Places.

You Are Absolutely Correct. Blogging Is The Very Best Medicine For Everything.

I You Must Be Some What Relaxed After Staying With Pramoda.

Wish You Speedy Recovery & All The Very Best Success.