Jul 29, 2010


She was busy arranging her home on her weekend. She was planning to rearrange her home sine a long time but today, she finally set to do it. While she was emptying the old cartons, her hands went over to an old album of her childhood memories.

She sat there flipping the photographs and recollecting her memories. But at the back of her mind, she was searching for a photograph f her long lost friend. To her dismay, she couldn’t find it. She again started to work with the other cartons where an envelope suddenly flew off from the pile of papers.

She consciously picked the envelop to check what it was and was astonished to see it on her name and is still unopened. She, sitting in the couch, opened it to find the photograph that she was searching for with a little tag attached to it which said:

“Dear, I love you for what you are and not what you want to be. Though I am leaving you today, my wishes shall always be with you. One day I shall certainly meet you but today, I have to leave. Bye friend.”

She could just find herself crying after reading the note. She was waiting for her long lost friend since last ten years and today she finds a letter left to her ten years back by the same friend.

As she sat there crying, he entered home with lovely bouquet of flowers expecting her cleaning the rooms. He is now her dearest friend whom she met a couple of years bac in college and he was her support in this world where she had no one else. Her parents died in a plane crash four years ago and since then she is all alone when this friend gave her a little hope to live.

Seeing her cry, he almost ran to her.
“What happened sweety? Why are you crying?”
She told him the story of her friend Immy and she passed on the envelop to him along with the photograph. The sight of the photograph astonished him.
“Who gave you this photograph? Please let me know, I want to see her.” he asked her anxiously.

“This is my photograph John. How do you know about this photograph?” She looked at him puzzled not knowing how he knows about the photograph.

“How can this be yours Jones? This is Annie’s photograph. I sent this to her.”
She almost couldn’t believer both her eyes and ears.

“Mr.John, I don’t understand how you got this photograph but it is in the right hands now. I am Annie, Annie Jones.”

“What? I cant believe this Jones. In the last three years, I never thought of even asking your first name. Neither did you bother to. Ms. Annie Jones, I am your long lost friend. I am Immy, Immy Johnson.”


I dedicate this tale to OCTAVES, my best friends. To meet them I am waiting from sometime back which to me seems to be like ages. I miss Octaves very badly...!!!

As of the tale, I dint know how to end it. So am leaving it here. I think I am satisfied with Immy n Annie meeting again, rather than giving the tale an end, as their eternal friendship shall never end, so shall my tale..!!!

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all the visitors of the Land of Dreams...!!!

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!


Anonymous said...

A perfect ending !! Well your story clealy refelected that you are missing your friends ! :) Hope you guys meet up soon n have loadsa fun :)

Anurag said...

short and sweet tale. but above all it had a happy ending. :)

Amity said...

A beautiful story Yamini...:)

Friends are really special!

Vibhuti B said...

Hey Yamini, here for the first time and this story is utterly very sweet.
Though it is unbelievable that the two friends dint share their full names all the while..the way you write it really is sweetly naive and makes me want to believe!
Lovely tale spun around the photograph. Kp it up!