Jul 28, 2010


Under the blanket of love
She wrapped me with care
Showing the beauty of life
Through her heart, her eyes

Understanding my pain
Before I uttered a word
In the desert of sorrows
She is the spring of smiles

Fashioned my dreams
Painted my hopes
She gave me strength
To achieve them for life

Angel of my life
My sweet special mother
The best in the world
I crown, is my own

Written for One Single Impression..!!!


Anonymous said...

Mothers are truly epitome of love ..truly an angel on earth ! :)

Someone Is Special said...

No one can substitute Mom and they are angel for sure. Great words. Awesome Poem..

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Creativity!! said...

Very Well Said Dear :) :) Beautiful Fantastic Fabulous Wonderful Poem :) :)

Jingle said...

mothers are lasting angels,
how precious moments you have captured there.