Jul 31, 2010


Those small li'l things we cherished as joy are still very much alive in our lives, but do we really thinking about them? Those small li'l things brought us the world's greatest happiness but do we really have time to enjoy li'l smile thinking about them today? May be No.

Remember, the pleasure we had while leaving paper boats in the rain water. It was a voyage of our li'l heart traveling through the streams of muddy water. Still we enjoyed it. Our parents encouraged to make an other boat when one collapsed in the stream. May be this is whe we learnt our lesson "Never give up". But today do we really have time to leave paper boats in the running stream of water. Forget about making them, do we atleast have time to smile at those little children who are enjoying the innocent childhood same as we did once upon a time??

What about the gully cricket we played with our friends in the streets infront of our home? Remember how we used to shout and make the old man in the next house shout at us for the noise. Hey how can you ever forget the window pane that we broke hitting a big six not knowing that you would be out it the ball goes behind the wall? I remember batting and scoring 12runs(the highest in my cricket career) and the same day hititng a friend's nose while bowling. Come vacation , and it was time for some "Gully" Cricket, all that's needed is some space, a little shade, a bat & a ball and a bunch of people. But today we find ourselves shouting at those li'l children playing on a sunday evening in our gully while we are enjoin our weekend. Even when we are really interested to play cricket, why are we goin in search of a decent ground when our gullies are in place even today for some wonderful action? are we really forgetting the beauty of the life around, while searching for the same else where? May be, yes...!!!

Amidst all these, how about our grand parents stories? what in the world dint our grand parents talk about? Stories of Panchatantra to great epic of mahabharata. Stories of Tenali ramakrishna to the magic of Aladdin and his lamp. We were the kings and queens of the world of fantasy. We heard the hardships of Cindrella and were enthralled in the beauty tale of snow white. We knew the human touch of Jungle Book and logics of the Birbal. The Arabian Nights occupied our nights story times while the adventures of li'l Hanuma in the Day. But are our children really enjoying all these?? Are they atleast taken to their grand parents once in a while? I think our children know of Noddy better than Moglie, They know about Tom n Jerry than about Aladdin and the Genie.The know more about Mr.Bean and nothing about Tenali Rama Krishna. Bad but true.

ohhoo...how in the world can i forget playing the mud and making cutlary out of clay?wow.it was fun. Getting dirty with clay was what we enjoyed. Though our mom yelled in the back, we never left the clay infront. Only we knew how much fun it was. But today, the same 'we' give weird looks at the li'l children playing with the clay and if its our children, we leave no time to catch their arms and drag them home. Are we not taking away the precious childhood that we once enjoyed in the nature, by fixing them to the video games, play stations, etc.Our clay toys gave us immense pleasure and a sense of belongingness which the today's toy trains may not give.

Not just the above, our childhood gave us immense pleasure doing many other things too, our first song, our first dance, the season's first rain, mamma's special cookies, traditional festivals, Dancing in the streets for Ganesh festival, shopping for Raksha Bandhan, and what not? Are we not missing all of them today?

I agree that our careers are not allowing us to do all these today, but friends its our life. Probably we have to live it. If we spend today building a career to see a happy life in the future...who is gonna live our life today? Happiness doesn't mean that we win an oscar award or a Grammy award.

Happiness is about the ability to smile in life. You smile not because you are happy, you are happy because you smile. Some one rightly said
"Life is what we live while planning for a better tomorrow"

This is a post published for a change in our busy lives. Lets live from today, not with our computers, our project files, or our costly gadgets. Lets live with our parents, our spouses, our children, our friends, our nature, our people around. Lets make our life a simpler and a happy one. Keep smiling as Life Rocks..!!!


prajyot said...

yeah very much what you said was truth...

Life is nothing but an adventure where more enthusiastically we work, we can get better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Life is to live.. i go with your words... good one yamini...