Jul 19, 2010

OLD HOME...!!!

She was on a holiday to the place where she was born and brought up, after seven years. She had to leave that place since her had was in debt and had to sell their home. They had no place to stay and hence left the city looking for shelter.

She had enough money today that she wanted to buy her home back which the memories of her father who left her just an year back.

While walking through the street of her old home and the sight of the bicycle parked on the side brought her tears of her lifetime.

She remembered how her dad took her to the meadows on the same bicycle and how they had fun together. Having no one else in the world except her dad, he was her "world". But today, her world left her. She is here to get back those memories forever and ever.

Wiping her tears she entered that beautiful building to find elderly men and women all around. She soon found a young girl sitting at a corner desk busily working with her papers. She approached her to inquire about the owners.

"Excuse me."
"How may I help you ma'm?"
"I wanted to know about the owners of this place. i am interested to buy it."
"I fear you can't do that ma'm. The man who own this expired an year back and wrote the authority of this place to this trust. Also ma'm, he many elderly citizens live here in peace. Please don't disturb them."
"Can I atleast take the bicycle that's parked infront of this building?"
"I fear, you can't too ma'm. The only request that old man made before he was dead was not to take that bicycle from that place at anytime."
"May I know the reason? If you don't mind?"
"Ma'm he says his daughter loves that bicycle to be placed only there."

She suddenly couldn't believe her own ears. Tears rolling down...she asked the young lady if she can see the Old Man's Picture and the she get it for her.

Its her Dad...and the trust is on her name....!!

Instead of buying her old home, she adopted the whole home and continued to stay there along with others. But a question never left her mind.

"Why dint Dad tell this to me?"

Written for Thursday Tales..!!!


lissa said...

sweet ending, I think her dad fear he might not be welcome since he was the one that left her, nice story

Leo said...

nice ending indeed :) nostalgia is prominent here..

Someone Is Special said...

Awesome ending and I liked the way it took me through..

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Being Pramoda... said...

I imagined this and i'm on the verge of tears.. nice tale sis..:)

lakshman said...

Good ending and excellent tale. Keep up good work.

Jim said...

This is soooooo good, Meduri. I almost had your heroine's tear. It reminded me of my mom. She died with secrets about her heritage that cannot now be found out.

She wouldn't share them while she was living. "Why dint Mom tell me about this?"

I came to thank you for angel the prompt we are using this week on One Single Impression. If you would be inclined I, and I believe everyone else writing them, would like to read a poem you, the giver of the prompt word, wrote. Please?

SandyCarlson said...

Your prompt "angels" is up at OSI today. Do you have a poem for our home page?

Ramesh Sood said...

Dad knew.. there was no need to tell.. it's such wonderful story.. my first visit and I am happy..do visit to meet angels on my page.. we will continue to be connected in this wonderful world of thoughts..

Ramesh Sood said...