Jan 5, 2009


Think of the day with out your mobile
Not the whole day, just for a while

The power cables not active
So, it has nothing to give

When you are alone at home
No chance to go and roam

When the landline doesn’t work
To call those men at work

When the electric lamp has no back up
When you find not a candle to light up

When ever sight was just dark
Could see not a single spark

When you could hear nothing in stock
Except the ticking of the wall clock

What would you do???
What do you think life has offered you???


Harshita said...

I did think abt all that...

Life offered me people who love me... and nothing can beat tht...

Its a beautiful piece of writing...

Hemanth Potluri said...

if its death then its end :P....but if its for real :)there is nothing reachable for me then its peace i happily sleep in the dark without even the tick tock sound or my cell or anything :)...happy sleep :)...

nice poem...but more i wud say its a question to everyone :)..


Anonymous said...

hey-are you telepathic or something? My next post was going to be on that...(lolzzz) well timed! now I will post it next month-ok? Vaise its a really nice topic to write

often in our humdrum busy routine
we forget to give a glance
a glance at everything dear
a glance at many things near
a glance for some things common
a glance at a few things rare!

Thats what I had started writing-you beat me to it Yam!(its ok-lolzzz)wll written dear-continue as always and thanks a megaton for the award...its precious and has gone up on my awards slide:)

Anonymous said...

o ji when such a situation wud arise,i wud feel good for moment for being myself in solitude :)

mayz said...

how do u do it??
day after day after day...without a brk churnin out stuff like this???


now u r post...my dr said too much thinkin is harmful for my brain so i leave it to others to answer this :P

Aneesh said...

you sound like an atomic bomb has just dropped...

Well written

yamini meduri said...


good that you can think of them this way...but to me....its is an experience of fear..!!!

thank you dear..!!!

sukku said...

its soo scarryy yam.....

atleast i need all of my friends to be with me.....specially our gang.........

yamini meduri said...


you can sleep in that silence??? very great hemanth...!!

thank you..!!!

yamini meduri said...


ha ha....i am nothing like that...it was just a accident...!!!

thank you dear...those first lines were good..!!!

yamini meduri said...


you all are grest yaar....you are in search of it...but i always ran awa from it...!!!

thank you dear..!!!

yamini meduri said...


i manage to write with the encouragement of all you wonderful people around me...!!!!

and abt the comment....funny answer dude...!!!

thank you...!!!

yamini meduri said...


thank you dear....i am not an atom bomb...i am just a girl with some heartful of feelings with an art of writing them..!!!

yamini meduri said...


kada...naku kuda...!!!

i faced it one day and so wrote it ...!!!