Jun 2, 2010

The Raindrop..!!!

Kripa was tired of the classes since morning. She hates to attend the finance class which she had to the whole day.

She was walking all alone cursing the numbers and the formulae of the class. As she was walking home, she was all busy with memories of her friends.

Kripa, moved away from home for her post graduation studies. She had to leave her parents and all her friends. She got so used to her friends in her graduation that, she never thought of being alone. But suddenly everything changed. she was alone with the world around. She still had friends in her new college but she couldn't make a heartful connection with them.

Walking with the memories, she suddenly stopped with a big smile on her face. I saw her and thought, she saw someone very special just like her friends. I saw her standing there opening her arms and enjoying the breeze by closing her eyes. I was about to step towards her when it stopped me too. The RAINDROP.

It soon started to rain heavily and I still stood there watching Kripa dancing with the music of the raindrops. she walked home dancing and smiling, as she didn't attend the finance class at all.

I then understood. This is called Magic, "Magic of life".

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!

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