Jun 9, 2010


Had to choose
between the two
my dreams, my goals
my parents, my home

To live my life ahead
To be independent, instead
Had to choose
my dreams, my goals

It was an year back
closed the emotions stack
Had to choose
to leave home too

The year back was different
filled with smiles, with tears
with restless days
with sleepless nights

The year ahead is crucial too
but i stop here to look back
to cherish the memories stack
gaining energy to go ahead

Happy anniversary to me being away from home...!!!

Hello friends, Its already an year that this Papa's little girl and Mamma's sweet child left home in pursuit of knowledge to achieve her dreams. Its already an year that this Hyderabadi chose to be a Puneite too...Am still not sure if i achieved but, definitely life here has taught me enough. I celebrate my anniversary with smiles but soon i find tears scrolling down my cheeks.


Being Pramoda... said...

Hiiiii yamini... happy anniversary...:)i was thinking abt it few days bakc that ts been one year we have been staying here..:)...enjoy ur stay and its noble decision ..:)

Creativity!! said...

Great Dear :) :) Wish You All The Very Best Success :) :)

lakshman said...


Happy anniversary. I am sure your dreams will come true.


pranitha said...

Congratulations on completing an year at a place which you selected for your career and life. I am happy to see Lakshman babai here :)

--Pranitha Ammineni

nikita said...

thats sad,....

lots of love..