Jun 25, 2010


she enjoyed all her life in the green meadows amidst the cool breezes and the soft melodies. To her life was beautiful as a butterfly and colorful as a rainbow. she enjoyed running with her dad and gardening with her mom. Her parents everything she wanted before she actually asked them.

One day they were on a holiday to a village nearby. while across the roads, she saw him lifelessly lying at the end of the street. She asked her dad to come with her to see what happened to him. Her dad refused and so did her mom. They even stopped her going to him. she refused to stop and walked towards him.

she saw a man almost at the end of his life lying there in dirty torn robes and with no energy to atleast open his eyes.

"Dada what happen?' She asked him resting on her knees and placing her hand on his forehead.
"Water....Water" she murmured.

She took the water bottle she had in her bag and helped him drink. She saw the happiness in his eyes while drinking water. He drank some water and looked at her.

"Can I give some water to my friends also? Please" he asked her.
She silently shook her head and watched him get up and go o the next street where she followed him. She saw many others like him lying there helplessly and the little water was shared between all of them.

Not a single drop was left unused nor was dropped. Then she decided, never in her life that she shall waste water and help everyone in need of it.

She later started started an NGO, BLUE WATERS which was a home of many like him and helped many villages with continous water supply.


lissa said...

nice story, I think the humanity that she shown to the man started a chain reaction of a sort, it sometimes takes only one person to make a difference

Being Pramoda... said...

wow yamini, this is what make you special for me.. your sensitive heart and the beautiful expressions...:)

excellent story with full of moral.. Thanks for sharing..:)

Creativity!! said...

Woww!!!!!!!! Really Great Story :) :)

The Write Girl said...

This is a beautiful story filled with purpose. It is amazing what one can do when you reach out. A lovely moral and lesson here.