Jun 15, 2010


As the warmth surrounds
being close to him, his heart
though the cool breeze disturbs
I care not, with him around

As his breathe catches mine
the world smiles at me
I smile in return, to the world
feeling proud to be with him

As he holds me tight
I forget the world around
though it started to rain
I care not, being in his arms

As it rains at the best
he leaves me not
i am happy to remain
with him forever in life


Maryum said...

Dreamy indeed :)

Amity said...

what a wonderful poem on feelings...rain...everyone seems to love the rain...and whosoever not, i just simply a fool!

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Lovely Poem Dear :) :)

Jeet said...

My heart also felt the same way....thanks for such a post,an awesome 1.... u made me to dream abt her....

Jeet said...
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