May 7, 2010


"Abhi why did you ever leave me?? please come back....I cant live in this world without you...I feel so much alone" Kripa cried all the day wishing her Abhi to come back who left her few days back, then she heard a sudden knock in the door.

Abhi and Kripa were happy couple but the happiness didnt last for a long time when Abhi passed away with leukemia. Kripa from that day on, closed herself from the world just living in the memories of Abhi.

Kripa just ignored the knock. But there was a knock again.This time, she couldn't ignore. She opened the door to find a little girl wrapped up with dirt standing her head down, a hat covering her face.

"whom do you want?" Kripa asked trying to be soft as possible.
"I am in search of a shelter Ma'm. Can you please let me in. Will do all the work and need nothing in return, just a shelter" she said. it was the sweetest voice she ever heard.
"I dont need any. try the next door" saying this Kripa shut the door.

**knock knock**

Kripa once again opened the door to find the same girl.

"Please ma'm. If you dont let me in, the monsters will attack once again. Ma'm, I can't take the pain anymore. I want a shelter to hide from the monsters." The girl broke down.

Kripa understood the whole picture and let in the little girl. Also, she thought Abhi sent her this angel to be with her from the Heavens above.

"Dear have some food. you are safe in here. Dont worry, none will hurt you again." Kripa said while handing her a bowl of meal.
"Ma'm Its paining" The girl said revealing her innocent face with tears sliding down.

"Ma'm I need a help. There are many girls like me dieing everyday to live in this world. can you do anything for them. Ma'm you need to do something, 'coz it pains very badly ma'm. We can neither live with the pain, nor have the courage to die."

"Dear, we will together fight for them" Kripa said hugging the little girl and then she decided to fight against child abuse not knowing where to start as she knew the whole world is suffering.

Written for Thursday Tales...!!!


lissa said...

it's good that Kripa finds a purpose to carry on, nice story

Ms.Meduri said...


thank you dear..!!

The Write Girl said...

This story is full of purpose. Quite an interesting read. I'm a bit late reading but just visited Thursday's Tales. As always I've enjoyed reading your story. Take care.